Charleston High School Student Services/Helping Hands Fund, Golden Cross,

and the UMCOR Africa Sustainable Agriculture Initiative.   

During the holiday season, the Missions Ministry Team has traditionally divided the December offering among three charities: a local missions project, a conference missions project, and an international level missions effort. This year we have selected the following: the Charleston High School Student Services/Helping Hands Fund, Golden Cross, and the UMCOR Africa Sustainable Agriculture Initiative.

Our local cause, the Charleston High School Student Services/ Helping Hands Fund, offers confidential assistance to students and their families in need throughout the year, but especially during the Christmas season. Each year they distribute approximately 50 gift cards ($35-$50) to disadvantaged youth so that students can have the freedom to choose what they need. In sum, when a situation arises, the fund is there to provide confidential financial assistance to the disadvantaged student to meet an important need at a crucial time, enhancing the high school experience.

Our conference cause is Golden Cross which is a ministry of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Golden Cross benefits ten facilities in our conference for Older Adults, Children & Family, and Hospital Pastoral Care. These facilities care for people of all ages and at all stages of life. More than 30,000 individuals are served each year, 19,000 hours are given by more than 2,000 volunteers, and $10 Million of benevolent care is received.


Our international focus is to support UMCOR's Africa Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (Advance # 982188). The primary goal of this project is to expand the capacity of about 6,000 farmers in 6 countries in Africa in improving crop production and education regarding livestock breeding practices. In addition, this initiative covers improving nutrition and health of over 8,000 farm families in 8 countries in Africa, as well as teaches 300 farmers about beekeeping and marketing honey in their communities. Other agricultural training will also be provided.


If you would like to donate to these missions projects, please make out your check to Wesley UMC with ADVENT on the memo line or if you prefer to make a cash donation, there are blue mission envelopes in the pew backs. You can also click on the $ button at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much for your support.

Thank you very much for your support. The Missions Ministry Team