Wesley United Methodist Church

Committees & Ministry Teams 2023


*Indicates membership on the Administrative Council.


*Directing Pastor:                                                                                            Rev. Bradley Shumaker

*Director of Children’s Ministries:                                                                 Sarah Bergin

*Director of Youth Ministries:                                                                        Brock Warren

*Administrative Council Co-Chairs:                                                              Betsy Jewell & Stan McMorris

*Administrative Council Recording Secretary:                                            Cheryl Laursen

*Lay Members to Annual Conference:                                                          Nancy Marlow & Stan McMorris

*Church Treasurer:                                                                                          Cleve Karch

*Financial Secretary:                                                                                       Mary Larson

*Church Historian:                                                                                           Joan Gregg

*Camping Coordinator:                                                                                   Pam Johnson

*CCELC Representative:                                                                                 Mark Hudson

*Sports Coordinator:                                                                                       Karen Karch


Charleston Wesley United Methodist Church –

2023 Church Officers & Committees


Church Council


Chairperson(s)                                                          Betsy Jewell                                                    

Vice Chairperson                                                     TBE                                                                                 

Recording Secretary                                                 Cheryl Laursen                                    

Lay Leader                                                                Stan McMorris                                     

CCLEC Representative                                           Mark Hudson                                       

Camping Coordinator                                              Pam Johnson                                        

Sports Coordinator                                                   Karen Karch                                         

Scouting Coordinator                                              Keith Kohanzo                                     

Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair/Rep.      Dustha Wahls                                       

Finance Committee Chairperson/Rep.                  Paul Wieck                                           

Trustee Chairperson/Representative                     Eric Wahls                                            

Missions Committee Chair/Rep.                            Maria Fichter-Wandling & Sherry Hawker

Church and Society Chair/Rep.                              Rich Wandling                                     

Green Team Chair/Rep.                                           Robin Murray                                       

Memorial Committee Chair/Rep.                           Gary Hawker                                        

Worship Committee Chair/Rep.                             Nancy Marlow                                     

Children’s Ministry Team                                       TBE                                                       

Adult Education Team                                             TBE                                                       

Family Ministry Team                                             Cathy Fidler                                          

Lay Members of Annual Conference                    Stan McMorris                  Nancy Marlow

Alternate Lay Member of Annual Conference    Erin Shumaker                                       

Church Historian                                                      Joan Gregg                                            

United Methodist Youth Representative              Lois Baker                                             

Treasurer                                                                   Cleve Karch                                         

Financial Secretary                                                  Mary Larson                                         

Director or Children and Adult Ministries           Sarah Bergin                                         

Director of Youth Ministries                                  Brock Warren                                       

Pastor of Congregational Care                                Reverend Janice Kahl                         

Directing Pastor                                                        Reverend Bradley Shumaker              


                                                WORK AREA COMMITTEES


Finance and Stewardship:  Chairperson Paul Wieck               Vice Chairperson – _____


            Class of 2023                        Class of 2024                        Class of 2025            

            Heather Socarras                   Kerry Fearn                           Paul Wieck                           

            Dennis Pearson                     Kim Coffey                           Matt Titus                  

                                                             Carol Adams                                                              

            Treasurer – Cleve Karch

            Financial Secretaries – Mary Larson, Kris Hall                          

            Lay Leader –                         Stan McMorris                                 

            Lay Member of Annual Conference   Nancy Marlow            

            Chairperson of Administrative Council – Betsy Jewell­­______           

            Representative from Trustees – TBD                                            

Representative from Staff-Parish Relations Committee –          TBD   

Memorial Committee:  Chairperson – Gary Hawker                   Vice Chairperson –             


            Class of 2023                        Class of 2024                        Class of 2025              

            Joan Gregg                             Carol Adams                          June Giffin                  

            Don Mapes                            Heather Socarras                   Cheryl Lair                  

            Jim Ernst                                Sandi Ernst                            Gary Hawker               


Committee on Nominations & Lay Leadership:  Chairperson – Rev. Brad Shumaker


            Class of 2023                         Class of 2024                        Class of 2025            

            Cathy Fidler                                                                            Kathy Hampton         

            Brock Warren                        Cathy Engelkes                     Nancy Marlow           

            Jim Bennett                            Erin Fleming                          Tina Held                   


            Lay Leader: _Stan McMorris___________

Staff-Parish Relations Committee:  Chairperson – Dustha Wahls     Vice Chairperson – ________


            Class of 2023                       Class of 2024                        Class of 2025            

            Tammy Zuber                        Michele Van Hise                 Trevor Doughty         

            Sam Fagaly                            Dale Wolf                              Kathy Hummel          

            Dustha Wahls                        Sue Harvey                            Cathy Englekes         


            Lay Leader:   Stan McMorris___________

            Lay Member to Annual Conference: ____________


Trustee Committee:  Chairperson – Eric Wahls                           Vice-Chairperson –                        


            Class of 2023                        Class of 2024                        Class of 2025            

            Alan Metzger                         Eric Wahls                             Rod Symonds            

            Doyle Roach                          Andrew Fearn                        Carolyn Adkins         

            Jeannie Walters                     Tina Held                               Jayne Ozier                



Green Team:  Chairperson – Robin Murray                 

            Karen Clausing                     Rich Wandling                   John Kramer               

            Dorothy Macy                       Leanne Craig                                                         


Church and Society:  Chairperson – Rich Wandling       


            Brenda Crimmins                  Janice Kahl                            John Kramer              

            Robin Murray                        Kathy Wright                        Judy Brown                

            Delaney Goddard                  Leanne Craig                         Lois Baker                 


Missions Committee:  Chairperson – Maria Fichter-Wandling and Sherry Hawker       


            Cheryl Lair                             Joan Gregg                             Jeannie Walters         

                                                                                                             Mia Carcasi               


Worship Committee:  Chairperson – Nancy Marlow                     Vice-Chairperson –          

            Tina Green                           Nancy Marlow                     Stan Adkins              

            Carolyn Adkins                     Anne Rodgers                        Pam Johnson              

            Robyn Carr                            Carla Honselman      

            Liturgist Coordinator: Irene Strole      

           Usher Coordinator:    Keith Kohanzo

            Greeter Coordinator:  Sue Harvey


Ex-Officio Members: Director of Music: Michael Mellott, Musician: Ethan Heyward,    Technology: Brock Warren



Technology Committee:  Chairperson – Brock Warren  

            Mark Van Hise                      Danner Van Hise               Lauren Keltner           

            Jilli Symonds                         Erin Shumaker                   Lauren Mellott        


Children’s Ministry Team:  Chairperson –                    _____

            Rachel Mellott                       Lauren Mellott                   Valerie Rubin             

            Michele Van Hise                 Kaitlin Jackson                                                    

            Staff: Sarah Bergin



Adult Ministry Team:  Chairperson –                           

            Keith Kohanzo                      Bob Jorstad                         Maria Fichter-Wandling       

            Polly Claeys                          Mary Jorstad                      Nancy Marlow        

            Staff: Sarah Bergin



Youth Cohort:  Chairperson –_________________

            Dustha Wahls                        Megan Symonds                Jilli Symonds              

            Delaney Goddard                  Kaitlin Jackson                                                    

            Staff: Brock Warren


Family Ministry Team:  Chairperson –__Cathy Fidler_________

            Becky Metzger                      Erin Fleming                       Kathy Wright              

            Rita Pearson                          Cathy Englekes                                                     

            Staff: Sarah Bergin